Sonus SWe Lite Step-by-Step Setup

Hi all,

Sonus released the new SWe Lite Virtual Appliance, that share code, interface and behaviour with phisical and well known devices SBC 1000 and SBC 2000.
Official Setupo Page is here (, but something seems different between documentation and this firs GA release.

If you use Hyper-V you have to read two great articles:
Greig Sheridan: Installing SWe Lite
Randy Chapman: Setting up a Sonus SWe Lite in Hyper-V

Let’s take a look to the process on VMWare Workstation 12:

  1. SWe Lite il shipped in a .zip file, you have to unzip it to a Temp folde, for example C:\Temp, where you will find two folders, Install and Update. Since this is a brand-new installation, we ‘ll access Install folder
  2. The VMWare version contains a SBCSWeLite-release-6.1.0.build87.ova file (or newer). Because I’m loading this OVF on VMWare Workstation I’ll double click the file to import it on Workstation. Follow the VMWare instruction to load an OVF on ESX
  3. Choose Name and Storage path for the SWe Lite VM, than click Import
  4. I suggest you to set Network Adapter to NAT for the initial configuration steps
  5. After few seconds you will have the SWe Lite VM available. Start it with Power On and wait the boot complete
  6. SWeLite_2
  7. After few seconds you will see the login prompt
    Default Username: netconfig
    Default Passw0rd: Config!
  8. SWe Lite will ask you to change the Default Password
  9. After password change, system will offer the option to manually enter a static IP for Admin Interface. Normally you have not need to do that, but this is an improvement anyway (in Beta release this step created me some issue)
  10. Enter Y to configure interface mapping
  11. Some explanation of the process…
  12. I suggest to setup every interface, even if you do not need all of them, you will disable it later. I suggest also to carefully take note of this mapping and MAC association
  13. At the end the system reboot
  14. After reboot you have to enter Inizial Sonus SBC System Setup page with a browser (more or less the same we do on phisical SBC EDGE)
  15. Provide information as usual.
    Be careful on IP Address right column: you have to enter 4 different IP on four different Network. You have to enter 4 Media Next Hop IP (this step if quite diffirent from official Sonus SWe Lite Setup Page (
    It’s not important (at this moment) that IP informations are real and correct, it’s only important to complete this wizard to enter the real admin console
  16. Enter the SWe Lite Login credential
  17. Go to Settings -> Networking Interfaces -> Logical Interfaces to check MAC Address association, set Alias and Description, IP and Netmask on active interfaces, disable unused interfaces.
    Sonus suggest to disable Admin Interface after the first Setup. Before do that, check you can access Web Interface by others IPs
  18. Speaking with Sonus representative, you HAVE TO set Media Next Hop IP on every enabled networks, otherwise there could be problem on Media Traffic (=Voice).
    On every Logical Interface you have to set the corresponding Gateway’s IP.
    This is not releated in any way to static route settings (to be managed on Protocols tree) that you have to setup correctly in any case.
  19. From this point it’s identical to our well known SBC 1000 and 2000.

More ideas and configuration on this very interesting solution will arrive soon!
Best Regards

11 thoughts on “Sonus SWe Lite Step-by-Step Setup

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    1. Hi Shawn, I’ve no info on Azure or AWS Support right now, if I have some news about that I’ll publish asap (if not under NDA 😉
      You can get a copy for Hyper-V, VMWare and KVM on Sonus Partner Portal.


    1. Hi Randy, thank you for mentioning me in you article!
      Yes, this quite non-intuitive description is what you say, the simple gateway of the subnet.
      I hope to see improvement on that point (and documentation!)


  1. Hi, When trying to update the Admin IP i am not getting the interface config option, it is directly going to interface mapping , please help why i am not getting option to update static admin IP on console.


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