Logitech Tap MTR with dual 4K display issue: how to workaround

Hi All, if you try to use a Logitech Tap Microsoft Teams Room with two 4K monitors connected via Hub (Table and Display), you will find that only ONE monitor receive the video signal, and the other one not. Instead if you connect the two 4K display to the NUC directly, you do not have... Continue Reading →

How to set/fix HDMI audio playback on SRS/TMR

Hi All, here you can find how to set (for the first time) or fix (for example after a not perfect Operating System upgrade) the audio playback from the HDMI input on a Microsoft Teams Room (aka Skype Room System) On the MTR/SRS enter Windows setting (default password "sfb") then enter the Administrator accountRight mouse... Continue Reading →

Configure DHCP Options for AudioCodes IP Phone provisioning

Hi All, This PS script works on a list of DHCP Servers (Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2 or 2016) to: - create AudioCodes User Class for 420HD, 430HD, 440HD and 450HD models - create Provisioning Server Option 160 - create and configure DHCP Policy based on User Class to assign different configuration file and... Continue Reading →

Miracast video quality issues and Power Saving Options

Hi All, recently we have encountered some strange video quality issues when sharing laptop screen with Miracast on Surface Hub or Polycom Trio 8800. One of our customers (thank you!) found the problem: Power Saving Options on Wireless Adapter! If you have similar problems, try to set¬†Wireless Adapter Power Saving Option to Maximum Performance on... Continue Reading →

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