Teams On-network Audio Conferencing

Hi All, a new recent feature called On-network Audio Conferencing allow to integrate Teams Meeting Audio Conferencing Service with Teams Direct Routing. This new feature break an historical barrier between the Teams Meeting and Teams PSTN Calls: both modes with their own licenses, they never interacted in the past. On-network Audio Conferencing will enable... Continue Reading →

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How to use OBS Studio as an external encoder for Microsoft Teams and Stream Live Events

Hi All, recently Microsft published a list of video encoders tested for Live streaming with Microsoft Stream ( One of this products is OBS Studio, a free and open source software for video recording and live streamig ( This is a great news and big improvement on live events direction compared to Skype for Business. This... Continue Reading →

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Skype for Business and Teams features comparison table

Hi All, I've created a features comparison table between Skype for Business and Teams. I've tried to merge informations from various sources, and I'll continue to update and add new features. If you found any error or want to suggest new features to add in the table, please comment this page (would be greatly appreciated)!... Continue Reading →

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How to enable native NDI support in Microsoft Teams

Hi All, few days ago Microsoft introduced NDI (Network Device Interface) support into Microsoft Teams ( Let's see how to enable and test it How to enable NDI support Go to the Teams Admin Center -> Meetings -> Meeting Policy -> <Policy Name> ( to enable NDI Open Teams -> Profile -> Settings -> Permissions... Continue Reading →

How to use OBS Studio as a virtual webcam source in Teams and Live Event with NDI Tools

Hi All, one of the most frequent questions about Teams Live Event is about how to use OBS Studio as an External Encoder in Public Live Event. The official answer is: "it's not possible to use an External Encoder" in Public Live Events, only in Private Live Event. In this article we'll see how it's... Continue Reading →

How to disable Giphy in Teams after Facebook acquisition

Hi All, if you have any concern on Giphy use in Microsoft Teams after the news of Facebook’s Giphy acquisition, maybe you want to disable it (I've already done that), let's see how: Open Teams Admin Center at to Messaging policies and select Global (Org-wide default) then Edit 3. Set to Off "Use Giphys... Continue Reading →

How to migrate from Azure Information Protection Labels to Sensitive Labels and use them in Teams

Hi All, in a recent announcement Microsoft added the possibility to use Sensitivity Labels with Microsoft Teams, Office 365 groups, and SharePoint sites, at this moment in Public Preview. Here you can find an overview of Sensitivity Labels In this article:- How to migrate Azure Information Protection labels to unified sensitivity labels- How to... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Teams Classification Labels

UPDATE 11/12/2019 Classification Labels will not be supported in the future, start to use Sensitivity Labels instead ( ) Hi All, have you ever wondered what is the "Private" label that we see in every Teams Channels and how to manage it?Yes? Let's see how to! Connect to AzureAD Classification labels are managed via... Continue Reading →

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