How to use Lightweight Bot and Azure Automation to interact with Teams Call Queue (with examples)

Hi All, have you ever wondered how to give to end users a way to interact, change or update a Teams Auto Attendant or a Call Queue without needs to use the Teams Admin Center or PowerShell and without any Admin roles? The first example of that needs is an "On Call Service" Teams Call... Continue Reading →

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How to use OBS Studio as an external encoder for Microsoft Teams and Stream Live Events

Hi All, recently Microsft published a list of video encoders tested for Live streaming with Microsoft Stream ( One of this products is OBS Studio, a free and open source software for video recording and live streamig ( This is a great news and big improvement on live events direction compared to Skype for Business. This... Continue Reading →

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Skype for Business and Teams features comparison table v.2

Hi All, Time has come to update my Skype for Business and Teams features comparison table: Main changes are: Skype for Business Online is gone, no need to manage it anymore (R.I.P.)Removed every lines that are not related to Calls and/or PSTNAdded two new columns: Direct Routing Multitenant SBC and Operator Connect Note that Operator... Continue Reading →

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How to solve outbound calls authentication issues with Ribbon SBC EDGE and Teams Direct Routing

Hi All, sometimes you have to establish an Authenticated SIP Trunk between your Ribbon SBC EDGE (1K/2K/SWe Lite) and your ITSP. This is a quite easy task, described here "Configuring SBC Edge with ITSP that Requires Digest Authentication with 401 Unauthorized Challenge" and summarized in these three steps: Add a Remote Authorization TableAdd a Remote... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Teams Music On Hold behaviour table

Hi All, Microsoft Teams Music On Hold behaviour could be sometimes difficult to understand, particularly in Auto Attendand and Call Queue scenarios. I hope this table could help you How Ms Teams Phone System manage Music on Hold Microsoft Teams uses different call flows for MOH : SIP REFER based MOH (MOHv1)SIP RE-INVITE based MOH... Continue Reading →

Complex streaming scenarios with OBS, NDI and Teams

Hi All, in this article I'll try to show you how to go further the basic OBS Studio, NDI and Teams integration.In this more complex example scenario we have: Input:- a SmartPhone camera with OBS.Ninja via WiFi- multiple NDI streams from a Teams meeting- a Professional PTZ Camera with NDI support Output:- Teams Live Event-... Continue Reading →

How to record 1:1 Teams and PSTN calls with OBS Studio for free

Hi All, Microsoft Teams offer a 1:1 Teams call recording solution when both endopoint use Teams, but it do not works with PSTN calls. Centralized Call Recording solutions works perfectly with SIPREC, but they are not cheep. A Customer ask me today how to record 1:1 Microsoft Teams and PSTN calls, so I started thinking... Continue Reading →

How to enable native NDI support in Microsoft Teams

Hi All, few days ago Microsoft introduced NDI (Network Device Interface) support into Microsoft Teams ( Let's see how to enable and test it How to enable NDI support Teams Admin Center setting Go to the Teams Admin Center -> Meetings -> Meeting Policy -> <Policy Name> ( to enable NDI Teams Client setting Open... Continue Reading →

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