Microsoft Teams Music On Hold behaviour table

Hi All, Microsoft Teams Music On Hold behaviour could be sometimes difficult to understand, particularly in Auto Attendand and Call Queue scenarios. I hope this table could help you How Ms Teams Phone System manage Music on Hold Microsoft Teams uses different call flows for MOH : SIP REFER based MOH (MOHv1)SIP RE-INVITE based MOH... Continue Reading →

How to manage alternative Caller ID in Teams via SBC

Hi All, a well known missing feature of Microsoft Teams Phone System compared to Skype for Business Server is the ability to mask the Caller ID based on the used Voice Route. In other words, we strongly miss the "Suppress caller ID / Alternate caller ID" settings in SfB Voice Route Caller ID in Teams... Continue Reading →

Teams On-network Audio Conferencing

Hi All, a new recent feature called On-network Audio Conferencing allow to integrate Teams Meeting Audio Conferencing Service with Teams Direct Routing. This new feature break an historical barrier between the Teams Meeting and Teams PSTN Calls: both modes with their own licenses, they never interacted in the past. On-network Audio Conferencing will enable... Continue Reading →

Ribbon SBC EDGE now support Teams Direct Routing behind NAT and why this is a game-changing news

Hi All, few days ago Ribbon released the new SBC EDGE (1K/2K) firmware 8.0.2. Apart from many fixes, the new firmware contains only a new feature, but it's enough because this is a game-changing news: The SBC 1000/2000 is supported behind a NAT device in Microsoft Teams Direct Routing; this feature enables the SBC to... Continue Reading →

How to change Ribbon SBC name to a routable domain for Teams Direct Routing

Hi All,in this article I'll explain step-by-step how to change the Ribbon SBC 1K/2K FQDN from a private domain to a routable domain. Problem You have an SBC 1K/2K used in a Skype for Business On-Prem deployment with a private AD Domain and you need to use it with Teams Direct Routing.Teams Direct Routing needs... Continue Reading →

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