How to use Lightweight Bot and Azure Automation to interact with Teams Call Queue (with examples)

Hi All, have you ever wondered how to give to end users a way to interact, change or update a Teams Auto Attendant or a Call Queue without needs to use the Teams Admin Center or PowerShell and without any Admin roles? The first example of that needs is an "On Call Service" Teams Call... Continue Reading →

Troubleshoot Ribbon SWe Lite SBC on Azure from anywhere with ngrok

Hi All, so you have a Ribbon SWe Lite on Azure, maybe without any VPN with your Corporate Network, and you wonder how to you can use Ribbon LX Syslog to troubleshoot it. Scenario You have installed a Ribbon SWe Lite Virtual SBC on Azure, to use it with Teams Direct Routing and a SIP... Continue Reading →

AzureTTSVoiceGeneratorGUI: An App to create Voice Messages using Azure Cognitive Service Text-to-Speech

Hi All, one of the recurring activity of a Phone System Admin, for Microsoft Teams ot any other PBX, is the generation of Recorded Voice Messages. There are three method to obtain these messages: Professional voice greeting providers: very high quality, high costs, high latency, no flexibilityNon-Professional (home made) voice greetings: very poor quality, no... Continue Reading →

Configure DHCP Options for AudioCodes IP Phone provisioning

Hi All, This PS script works on a list of DHCP Servers (Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2 or 2016) to: - create AudioCodes User Class for 420HD, 430HD, 440HD and 450HD models - create Provisioning Server Option 160 - create and configure DHCP Policy based on User Class to assign different configuration file and... Continue Reading →

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