Logitech Tap MTR with dual 4K display issue: how to workaround

Hi All,

if you try to use a Logitech Tap Microsoft Teams Room with two 4K monitors connected via Hub (Table and Display), you will find that only ONE monitor receive the video signal, and the other one not.

Instead if you connect the two 4K display to the NUC directly, you do not have any issue.

This is a know behavior/issue of Table and Display Hub, if two 4K display are connected to the Display Hub, the firmware automatically block the outbound video signal to one of them.

The problem? Today display are always 4K!

I’ve found a very simple, cheap and efficient workaround: use an HDMI-to-DVI standard adapter to connect the Display Hub to the 4K Display.

This trick force the Display Hub to stop to “see” 4K Display and start to “see” only Full HD Display, and your Tap will start to work with Dual Display perfectly!

Hope this could help some of you.
Best. Luca

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      1. This may help. The issue is related to the bandwidth limitation between the Rally Hubs supporting one 4K display or two 1080p displays. Simple fix would be to change the display settings in Windows. This is documented on support.logitech.com. Make sure you go into Advanced settings per instructions. Also, contact Logitech support if you continue to have issues as they have other options to help.

        Cheers, B.


      2. Hi Brad, setting the two monitor resolution to Full HD in Windows do not solve the issue. If the Display Hub see a 4K monitor connected, this disable the second monitor, whatever resolution you set. I hope this will be corrected in future fw. Best. Luca


  1. Hi Luca,

    Thanks for the post. Any idea how to update the firmware on Tap? We are having an issue with the screen keeps flickering between tap and the TV. Not sure if its a cable issue or firmware. Our current software build is Provisioning version 8. Thank you

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  2. Luca – nice post, and thanks for helping the community!

    As Brad mentioned, it is supported (and does work) to set the displays to 1080p. Keep in mind Windows 10 will try to upscale to whatever TV type is detected, so 1080p must be set in advanced settings of the display adapter properties. This can also be done automatically by installing the multi display tool at https://github.com/youseeadam/Logi-Multi-Display-Utility.

    There may be some scenarios with some TVs in which the NUC HDMI (or thunderbolt 3) display output is asleep (no HDMI sync) and the TV is awake – this creates a scenario in which Rally detects a 4K signal and disables the 2nd HDMI port. The workaround you described will work great, as long as the DVI adapter is not dual link DVI with 4K.

    For those of you with just HDMI, there is a solution! You can purchase an EDID emulator that does the same thing. an example at https://www.amazon.com/Pass-Through-splitters-Extenders-fit-Headless-3840×2160/dp/B07C8BHPD6?th=1. Keep in mind Logitech does not support 3rd party devices.

    Lastly, Logitech recommends displays go into “sleep” mode and not turn off. For those that need displays that turn off and to have the MTR turn them on, you can purchase Extron HD CTL-100 – this provides CEC on “injection” whenever HDMI sync is detected.

    I hope this helps!

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