Diagnostic ID: 10500 and sip-reason=”Q.850; cause=44; text=”Requested Circuit/Channel N/A”

Hi all, recently one of our Skype for Business Enterprise Voice customer found many of these Unexpected errors in it's Monitoring Reports Request: INVITE Response: 500 Diagnostic ID: 10500 Category: Unexpected Component: Mediation Server Reason: Gateway responded with 500 Server Internal Error Description: This response from a gateway can occur if the gateway encountered an unexpected condition that prevented the... Continue Reading →


Voice Routing backup

Hi all, in this (quite long) article I'll explain how to configure Lync and Skype for Business to manage an SBA/SBS or an SBC outage in a Branch Office. In this article we have a Lync/Skype for Business Enterprise Voice deployment with a Main Site (HQ) and a Branch Office Site, both with a local... Continue Reading →

Skype for Business, Polycom Trio and Sonus SBC 1K/2K and SWe Lite: how to avoid Call on Hold issue

Hi All, recently I've managed a very strange issue with Polycom Trio 8800 when placing a call on hold, following you will find the scenario and, the more important thing, the solution! Scenario 1 Skype for Business on-premise with Enterprise Voice enabled. Sonus SBC 1000 as Voice Gateway (fw. 6.1.1 build 459) Polycom Trio 8800 with... Continue Reading →

Sonus SBC1000/2000 Active Directory Call Routing: how to query both Configuration and Default Naming Context

Hi, today I want to show you how to configure your Sonus SBC1000/2000 to make LDAP Query in Configuration and Default Naming Context. Scenario The schema below is a very common configuration, where a Sonus SBC1000/2000 work as a man-in-the-middle between your PSTN Carrier and a legacy PBX during a migration to Lync Enterprise Voice. It's... Continue Reading →

Sonus released the new Log Exchange 2 (LX2)

Sonus released the new version of Log Exchange 2 (LX2) This is the Release Note, some new features are very useful, for ex. the service for syslogging. You can download the LX2 from Sonus Partner Portal. Best Regards Luca ------------------------------------ Minimum Requirements: ===================== 1. x86 or x64 processor 2. 1GB RAM 3. 50MB of disk... Continue Reading →

How to create a Centralized Speed Dial List and a Yes List in Lync 2013 / Skype for Business 2015 with Sonus SBC 1000/2000

Some days ago a Customer ask me if it's possible to have a Centralized Speed Dial List and a "Yes List" in Lync 2013. This feature is present in the Customer's old PBX, and they have to use the same feature in Lync also. This is the complete set of PBX feature to replicate in... Continue Reading →

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