Sonus released the new Log Exchange 2 (LX2)

Sonus released the new version of Log Exchange 2 (LX2)
This is the Release Note, some new features are very useful, for ex. the service for syslogging.
You can download the LX2 from Sonus Partner Portal.
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Minimum Requirements:
1. x86 or x64 processor
2. 1GB RAM
3. 50MB of disk space
4. .NET 4+
1. Install LX 2.0 by double-clicking setup.exe
2. The setup.exe checks for prerequirements and installs them automatically.
Supported products
Sonus VX/1k/2k/5k/7k/SWe/GSX and Microsoft Lync
Features/Changes in 2.0
1. New Syslog server
2. LX as a Windows Service for Syslogging.
3. Support for merging multiple call legs based on GCID.(UX only)
4. Intelligent log search.
5. Built in SFTP/SCP support to download external logs
6. Support for parsing large log files.
7.64bit support
8.Syslog save to disk support
9.Syslog disk log rotation based on file size support
10.Syslog auto delete old logs support
11.Memory/CPU metrics and charts
12.Call rate, SIP/ISDN metrics and charts
13.Call duration analysis
14.Major performance improvements.



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