How to enable native NDI support in Microsoft Teams

Hi All,

few days ago Microsoft introduced NDI (Network Device Interface) support into Microsoft Teams (

Let’s see how to enable and test it

How to enable NDI support

Teams Admin Center setting

Teams Client setting

  1. Open Teams -> Profile -> Settings -> Permissions and enable NDI.
    This setting will revert to Disabled every time you close Teams client, so you have to re-enable it every time.

2. during the meeting, click on 3 dots -> Broadcast over NDI to start to send the output stream

That’s all.
Let see how to check it

How to test NDI support

  • In Microsoft Teams start a meeting (scheduled or instant with Meet Now)
  • After few seconds you will see the name of the PC where Teams meeting with NDI enabled is running and the MS Teams NDI source.

You can also use OBS Studio to check the NDI support, to be sure you have everything correctly setup refer to the same previous article you can refer to my previous article on how to do it:

  • Open OBS Studio and Add NDI as a new Source
  • Adjust the source into OBS frame as you want. Note that NDI support into Teams will automatically add the Microsoft Teams logo into the video stream.

That’s all.
As always I hope this article could be helpful to some of you.
Best Regard.

6 thoughts on “How to enable native NDI support in Microsoft Teams

Add yours

  1. Dear Luka,

    I followed your instructions, but on last step after i enable NDI in Teams permissions, and quit Teams than reopen it so the new settings apply, i get the message NDI is not supported…

    Do you have any idea why this might be the case?


  2. Hi Luca,

    Just a note:
    This is not available for MAC OS X at the moment.
    Only for Windows.



  3. Hi Luca,
    I also had to re-enable it several time until the warning has gone. But it’s still not appear as a NDI source 😦


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