Three way to manage Teams’ files and a simple tip to keep every Channels synched with OneDrive

Hi All,

this is the first article of the “Adoption” category, and it’s about the three different way to use and manage files in Teams, with a final tip that help you to use the “OneDrive way” better.

First of all it’s important to know the three way you can manage files in Teams

1. Files Tab in Teams client

This is obviously the first and most “know” method to manage files in Teams.

2. SharePoint

If you click on “Open in SharePoint”, you can see the SharePoint Site at the “base” of your team.

When you create a new team you are also creating a “back-end” SharePoint Site that host team’s files.
For every Channels in the team it’s created a folder into “Documents” in SharePoint

3. OneDrive for Business

Perhaps not everyone knows that it is possible to manage Teams Files directly with File Explorer (or Finder with Mac) using OneDrive for Business.

In my opinion this is the most powerful, practical and user friendly way to manage files in Teams, because it use the well known File Explorer interface plus it allow to use Offline Files. The best of the best!

How to get it?

To start to see and sync Teams folders in OneDrive for Business, you have to go back to SharePoint document library.

And here I suggest you a simple but useful tip: click on “Documents” and go up a folder level.
Like in the example below, I opened the “Documents” folder, that contains every Channels’ folder created in the “Team Cloud & UC” team, present and (very important) future!
Now and only now we can click on the Sync button

This command will instruct OneDrive for Business client to start to Sync this folders tree to your PC.
If you create a new Channel in this team, you will automatically sync the new folder without any manual activity. Cool!

As always, I hope this could help some of you.
Best Regards

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