How to use OBS Studio as an external encoder for Yammer Live Events

Ha All,

this article is the second about OBS Studio to be used as an external encoder with Microsoft Live Events, this time with brand-new Yammer Live Events.

If you want to use OBS with Teams and Stream, read this article


In order to create a Yammer Live Event, you’ll need:

  • Admin permission in the desired Yammer Group and a Stream license (Docs reference)
  • The group you want to run the event in must be connected to Office 365 (Docs reference).
  • The All Company group can’t be used for live events

You can tell if a group in Yammer is an Office 365 connected group when you see the Office 365 Resources section in the right navigation of the Yammer group, otherwise you need to follow these steps to Enforce Office 365 identity for Yammer users

In order to attend a Yammer Live Event, you’ll need:

  • Everyone who attends a Yammer live event must have an Office 365 subscription that includes a license for Yammer (Office 365 F1, E1, E3, or E5).
  • Only members of your Yammer network can attend live events. Guests and external users do not have access to live events.
  • For live events in public groups, all members of your Yammer network can attend. For live events in private groups, attendees must be members of the private group in which the live event is hosted.
  • For attending a live event in Teams, a Teams license is required.

Create a Yammer Live Event

1. In the Public or Private Yammer Group where you want to schedule the Live Event (remember that The All Company group can’t be used for live events) you will see the Group Actions section.
Click on Create a Live Event

2. Select External App or Device then next
Note: to use OBS with Teams, read this article

3. Insert Live Event Title and other informations then click Schedule

4. Click “Start setup”

5. Wait few seconds for setup to finish

6. Setup completed, you can click on ingest urls to get RTMP URL

7. Copy the Primary rtmp URL to be used in OBS Studio

Setup OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open source software for video recording and live streamig, you can download it from the official site

First of all, there is a Portable Edition (in my utopian world every program should be Portable!), plus the program is free, plus there are many plug-in (,  and last but not least it’s very stable, I’ve used it during many tests without any issue.

To get some basic OBS Studio setup instruction, please refer my first article on OBS Studio here

OBS Studio streaming

1. In OBS Studio click on Settings

2. Go to Stream and select Custom as Service

3. Paste in Server the rtmp URL you get from Yammer Live Event Setup above.
You HAVE TO enter a random Stream Key, like 12345
Click OK

4. Click Start Streaming

5. In the bottom line you will get the Streaming statistics and the green connectivity indicator, otherwise check previous steps

6. After 60 seconds you will see the stream from OBS directly in Yammer.
Click Start event to go live!

This is another good news on Live Events side, and I hope you can test and use this new feature very soon.
That’s all. Enjoy streaming!

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