How to solve Skype for Business and Spectralink IP-DECT call transfer issue

Hi All,

here you can find how to solve the problem if you encounter call transfer issues in a scenario with a Spectralink IP-DECT Server 200-400-6500 integrated as a Trusted App in Skype for Business On-Prem.
We have seen this behaviour after upgrading firmware to 18Ba version.
Many thanks to my collegue Paolo Centenaro for doing these tests first.

First of all make sure to have a Full System Backup

Open a second browser tab to this URL https://<SpectralinkServerIP>/config/list
you will find a page like this one

Hit F3 to search in the page for sip.send

to solve the issue you have to change sip.send_bye_with_referfrom true to false, 
to do that you have to change the URL from /config/list to /config/set

in Variable insert sip.send_bye_with_refer and in Value inser false, than click Set.
Check the /config/list page, now you will see this configuration

Make some test calls, now the transfer should works correctly.
Hope this could help some of you.
Best Regards

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