Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams Scenarios Matrix

Hi All,
I’ve created a simple but (I hope) useful matrix table to describe Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams different scenarios.

If you have any questions or spotted an error, please contact me.

Click on the image to get it at full pageSfB-Teams-ScenarioMatrix


2 thoughts on “Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams Scenarios Matrix

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  1. Great Job, Luca. Thanks for the good overview. Makes it a little bit easier every time I need a quick overview.
    Just 3 questions, respectively hints:
    1. What do you mean exactly for SfB Hybrid –> on-premises users, with the “CAL” for minimum licensing? Do you mean the O365 Skype for Business Plus CAL or really the 3 on-premises CALs?

    2. For the on-premises licensing it could make sense to take O365 licensing, too, if the company is going to go to the cloud next time. Could be a business case, if there are some more use cases for a E3 subscription. Then you have only to subscribe for the add-on SfB Plus CAL additionally.

    3. With the minimum licensing in all scenarios, there are no clients included. That means, that the customer has to had it already licensed or has to use the basic client, what makes no sense, because of limited functionality.

    Are my thoughts correct?



  2. Hi Dennis,
    glad to know that this table could help your work 🙂
    Now the answers:
    1. CAL are the on-prem only licenses. Standard CAL, Enterprise CAL and Plus CAL as add-on to Standard CAL if needed. In SfB Hybrid, you can license on-prem users with CAL, but obviously not users on SfB Online.

    2. Yes, O365 Licenses could be used both Online and On-Prem (VERY useful!). And Yes, you can add Plus CAL to SfB On-Prem users, I see this “combo” quite often, but remember that CAL license could not be used Online.

    3.I’ve not covered Clients, you are right (Maybe I’ve to add a line!). Customers could use SfB Basic Client if they do not need advanced Enterprise Voice features (strange but not so uncommon) or (better) they could use SfB “Full” Client found in Office ProPlus

    Best Regards

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