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Skype for Business and Teams features comparison table


Hi All,

I’ve created a features comparison table between Skype for Business and Teams.
I’ve tried to merge informations from various sources, and I’ll continue to update and add new features.
If you found any error or want to suggest new features to add in the table, please comment this page (would be greatly appreciated)!
As always, I hope this could help some of you.

Contributors: Alessio Giombini, Chris Hayward, Greig SheridanGuy BacharShawn HarryPaul Bloem, Nick ElniffLinus Cansby, Ewald Murgg

Change Log:
04/09/2019: Agent Opt-In Opt-Out updated
28/08/2019: Attendant Console regression to Roadmap (thanks to Ewald Murgg), some roadmap updates
31/07/2019: Channel Moderation, Priority notifications, Private channels, Secondary Ringer, Share system audio in a Teams meeting, Teams/Skype Consumer chat and calling interop, minor bugfix
21/06/2019: many many changes and updates (Federation V2, Skype consumer roadmap….) and new Teams logo
14/05/2019: Group Call Pickup & Shared Line Appearance rolling out now, Auto Attendant and Call Queues Service Update
10/04/2019: bug fixed (BToE – Busy on Busy)
27/03/2019: many updates and new features from Enterprise Connect announcements
20/02/2019: Desktop Sharing 1:1 details, SRS rebranded to Microsoft Teams Room, Supervision Policies, Skype (Consumer) details, Status Message in Teams
05/02/2019: TAG for people status change, Secondary ringer
10/01/2019: bugfix, CallPark added
20/12/2018: Some new features and clarification (see Group Call Pickup), added Malicious Call Trace
09/11/2018: Added news and updates. New lines, new features to compare!
26/09/2018: Added news and updates from Ignite
07/08/2018: What’s new in Microsoft Teams – August round up
20/07/2018: What’s new in Microsoft Teams, added “Complete Audio/Video Controls” and “Separated Windows” as requested by readers
28/06/2018: Direct Routing is now Generally Available!
07/06/2018: What’s new in Microsoft Teams – June Roundup
16/05/2018: Teams Direct Routing now in Public Preview
05/04/2018: new Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Center, Roadmap update
15/03/2018: Teams Direct Routing announcement
05/03/2018: Guest access without Azure account
22/02/2018: Common Area Phone support coming to SfBO
04/02/2018: Microsoft Teams first look at Anonymous JoinWest achieves full native integration of Cloud Contact Centre
25/01/2018: SfB Call Queues Agent Opt In/Out, Teams features Release Note
16/01/2018: updated VDI Media Redirection for SfBO
01/01/2018: updated with new 27 features added to Teams
13/12/2017: updated Modern Authentication and Teams Calling features
02/11/2017: updated AA and CQ
30/10/2017: updated Teams feautures
22/10/2017: updates

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