Skype for Business and Teams features comparison table

Hi All,

I’ve created a features comparison table between Skype for Business and Teams.
I’ve tried to merge informations from various sources, and I’ll continue to update and add new features.
If you found any error or want to suggest new features to add in the table, please comment this page (would be greatly appreciated)!

The table is also available on TechNet here:

As always, I hope this could help some of you.

Contributors: Alessio Giombini, Chris HaywardGuy BacharShawn HarryPaul Bloem

Click on the image to get it at full pageSfB-Teams-FeaturesComparisonTable


10 thoughts on “Skype for Business and Teams features comparison table

  1. Hi Luca, great work. I suspect that many will keep coming back to see how features progress. One small request, can you add a key that explains the colour coding. Would negate having to explain repeatedly.

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    • Hi Paul, you are right! I completely forgot to add a “color legend”. You will find it in the next update. Thank you


  2. Can you please assist me..What is the best way to tune up network performance in Skype for business online in a cloud environment


    • First of all if your clients use a Proxy to access Internet, you need to avoid it with an exclusion and go direct through the firewall. This is a very common issue.


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