Skype for Business, Polycom Trio and Sonus SBC: how to avoid Call on Hold issue

Hi All,
recently I’ve managed a very strange issue with Polycom Trio 8800 when placing a call on hold, following you will find the scenario and, the more important thing, the solution!

Skype for Business on-premise with Enterprise Voice enabled.
Sonus SBC 1000 as Voice Gateway (fw. 6.1.1 build 459)
Polycom Trio 8800 with Visual+ (fw

If you make a voice call from Trio to PSTN (for example a mobile phone) and you place the call on hold, the call immediately drop.
Instead, if you answer an incoming call from PSTN to Trio, there is no issue placing the call on hold.

Cause 1
There are two causes for this behaviour, the first is well described on James Cussen’s Blog here: POLYCOM VVX HOLD ISSUE WITH SONUS SBC1000/2000 CALLS

Long story short, there is a incompatibility between standard Polycom VVX and Trio settings and Sonus SBC 1000 / 2000 settings.
The Sonus gateway supports a maximum payload sizes of 60ms, but VVX / Trio used a Music on Hold payload of 80ms, so there is no way to find a common payload and the call drops.
Trio and VVX have the same behavior and the same solution.

Cause 2
Second cause is specific to Trio when it is paired with a Visual+, so you will not have this issue on VVX IP Phone.

Trio default call is an “Audio+Video” call. This seems to create some problem to Sonus SBC when you place the call on hold.
Even if you fix the first cause, this behaviour needs a different solution: set the default call as an Audio call.

To solve the first and second causes (in order) you have to set these settings in Trio Provisioning file.
I’ve not found any side-effects and the problem result solved.

feature.moh.payload = 60
video.callMode.default = audio

I hope this could help you.
Best Regards


2 thoughts on “Skype for Business, Polycom Trio and Sonus SBC: how to avoid Call on Hold issue

  1. Great post Luca, I believe that you must also need to enable the toggle for this to work, right? It may be different on the Trio than the VVX, I don’t have one to test with here.


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  2. Hi Jason, thank you for your kind comment.
    I’ve not used this settings. Searching on Polycom Admin document I’ve found this:

    “Toggle Between Audio-only or Audio-Video Calls
    When this feature is enabled on the VVX 1500, and VVX camera-enabled VVX 500 and 600 business media
    phones, a soft key displays to toggle calls between audio-only or audio-video.”

    It seems a setting used on VVX IP-Phone with camera but not related to Skype for Business, only on OpenSIP audio/video calls.

    In my experience if you use Trio 8800 with SfB and Sonus SBC, you do not need feature.audioVideoToggle.enabled=”1″

    Let me know if you have questions or issues


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