iPhone default notification sound disable audio on Plantronics Voyager PRO

Hi all,

some days ago I receive a (very) strange issue notification from a colleague:
he reports that, during a voice conversation with Skype for Business 2015 using a Plantronics Voyager PRO, if he receive a SMS or WhatsApp message on his iPhone 5, the other endpoint will not hear anything and then drop the call.

I ask to my colleague if the Voyager PRO is paired with the iPhone, but no, it is paired only with PC….
I started to reproduce the behaviour, and it was very simple to do:

  1. my colleague (A) started a voice call with another colleague (B)
  2. the iPhone receive a simple SMS and reproduce the notification sound
  3. immediately the remote colleague B stop to hear colleague A!

After many test, I’ve an idea: I simple reproduce the iPhone notification sound during the voice conversation (without any incoming SMS or other message) and… BINGO!… immediately the voice communication drop!
I don’t know why, but the iPhone DEFAULT notification sound enter into the Plantronics Voyager PRO microphone and generate the issue!

We have change the default sound on the iPhone with a different one and the issue disappear!

For info purpose, these are the fw versione of Voyager PRO and dongle

Base: v.6108
Earphone: v.9700
USB: v.861

Have you got a similar issue?



2 thoughts on “iPhone default notification sound disable audio on Plantronics Voyager PRO

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  1. Are you sure this isnt just the “smart” dual pairing of Bluetooth in the Pro? Are you using AD2P on the iPhone to replicate all sounds instead of just calls?


    1. Hi, I’m sure about that, BT pairing was the first thing I checked, headset and iPhone wasn’t paired at all, to be sure I’ve disabled BT on iPhone. To replicate sounds I simple opened the Sound Settings menu on iPhone and tested the sound, the default jingle will disable the voice on current call.


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