Mobile On Duty – Free SEFAutil Web Interface

Hi all, if you need a simple web interface to execute SEFAutil commands you are in the right place!

Mobile On Duty is a free SEFAutil Web Interface that help us (you and me) to achieve a simple task: manage the mobile number to redirect incoming calls for a specific Lync/Skype for Business account, for example a week-end Help Desk Customer Support number.

The HTML and script execution code is from Roberto Beccari (@trasportation), thank you for your help!
You can find the complete project on GitHub here:

Help Desk week-end support Lync/Skype4B account:
Line URI: tel:+155512345

If a customer have and issue during week-end, they call +155512345 and the On Duty Technician will receive the call.

Mobile On Duty will allow to manage the redirect via web!

To setup Mobile On Duty follow these steps:

Prerequisites: IIS deployed and .NET 4.0 installed.

  1. Configure SEFAutil on your Lync/Skype4B environment. You can install it on a Standard Front-End (working but not supported).
  2. Download from TechNet Gallery (
  3. Extract in C:\inetpub on the same server where SEFAutil is installed and where IIS is running.
  4. Edit C:\inetpub\MobileOnDuty\Reperibili.txt, it contains the list of Name and Mobile number used on the web page.
  5. Edit C:\inetpub\MobileOnDuty\Web.config.
    1. Verify that “C:\Program Files\Skype for Business Server 2015\ResKit\SEFAUtil.exe” correspond to the correct path of SEFAUtil.exe file
    2. change <add key=”get.reperibile.parameters” value=”/server:<Pool FQDN> <SIP URI>”/> and <add key=”set.reperibile.parameters” value=”/server:<Pool FQDN> <SIP URI> /;user=phone /enablesimulring /callanswerwaittime:30″/> accordingly to your environment.
      For example <add key=”get.reperibile.parameters” value=”/”/>
    3. Open IIS Manager, go to Sites and add a Website, enter the info like the example below
  6. Open Application Pools, select MobileOnDuty than Advanced Settings, in Process Model -> Identity and set the user account used to execute SEFAutil on the server. This account need to have sufficient rights (Local Admin and CSAdministrator)
  7. Open MobileOnDuty site, open Authentication, disable Anonymous Authentication and enable Basic Authentication (require a secure HTTPS session!)
  8. On MobileOnDuty site, click Edit Permissions and in Security Tab add a Domain Group with Read&Execute rights. Members of this Group could access on the site and use it.

Now you only need to publish this site, maybe with the help of ARR.

If you have created this site on a Lync/SfB Front-End server, remember that it will be stopped every time you run bootstrapper.exe or Enable-CsComputer. After that, simply start again the site.

This is a simple page, you can edit it as you need.



The use of this page is very simple: when you log in the SEFAutil read command is authomatically executed to retrive the current redirect number.
Below there is a drop down list (see Reperibili.txt), choose the On Duty person to forward incoming calls, then click Set Mobile Number. After few seconds you can click Read Mobile Number again to refresh the listed number.

I hope this could help.
Best Regards

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